The Top 10 Places You Absolutely Must Visit in Russia

Russia, one of the most famous places in the world, can be explored in several different ways. If you’re looking to get off the beaten path and see some of the most famous places in Russia, these 10 destinations will provide you with just that experience. Whether you’re planning on traveling independently or as part of an organized tour, there’s something for everyone here – from cities to monasteries to islands. These are the top 10 places you absolutely must visit in Russia… 1.

1) St. Petersburg (Most Famous Places in Russia)

Most Famous Places in Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest city, is a must-see destination for anyone traveling to the country. Famous for its elegant architecture and stunning views of the River Neva, the city is also home to famed museums like the Hermitage and art galleries like the Russian Academy of Arts. It is also known as one of Russia’s most beautiful cities and has been featured in a number of films including Anastasia and Doctor Zhivago.

2) Moscow

Most Famous Places in Russia

Moscow is the capital of Russia and one of the largest cities in Europe. Home to some of the most famous places in Russia, Moscow is a must-see destination on any trip to this beautiful country. The Kremlin, which is the residence of President Vladimir Putin and home to the Grand Kremlin Palace and Cathedrals, houses museums and landmarks like St.

3) Lake Baikal

Most Famous Places in Russia

Lake Baikal is the most famous place in all of Russia. This massive body of water is the world’s deepest lake, and it’s also home to a number of rare species you can’t find anywhere else on earth. There are many different types of tours you can sign up for, including a boat tour, helicopter tour, or even horseback riding tours.

4) The Hermitage

Most Famous Places in Russia

The Hermitage is one of the most famous places in all of Russia. It has a collection of over 3 million pieces and is housed in a palace. That was originally commissioned by Catherine the Great. The Hermitage is open every day of the year, except for 25 December and 1 January. There are no restrictions on photography or videoing inside the museum. Admission costs 450 roubles (approx $12) per person with free entry for children under 12 years old.
A trip to Moscow is not complete without seeing Red Square and Saint Basil’s Cathedral. For those with an interest in architecture, the Kremlin should be high on your list of places to visit. And don’t forget about those who are more into their art; The Tretyakov Gallery contains some very famous paintings from both Russian and Western artists including Van Gogh’s Bedroom at Arles.

5) Novgorod the Great

Most Famous Places in Russia

Novgorod the Great is a medieval city and one of the most famous places in Russia. The city has been inhabited for well over a thousand years and was once the capital of a powerful medieval country called Kievan Rus. In its time, Novgorod was an important trading centre that attracted merchants from as far away as Baghdad. Today, it still serves as the administrative centre of Novgorod Oblast. If you go to this famous place in Russia, make sure to visit Cathedral Square – where the 12th-century cathedral stands. Which also houses St George’s Chapel (where you can see frescoes dating back to 1138) – and take a tour through Veliky Novgorod’s gorgeous Kremlin!

6) Kazan Kremlin (Most Famous Place in Russia)

Most Famous Places in Russia

Kazan Kremlin is a well-known place of interest in the city of Kazan, which is located on the Volga River and has a population of over 1 million. The Kremlin was built by Ivan the Terrible as his fortified palace. It is also famous for being the first capital of the Tatar Khanate. The Kazan Kremlin also features an archaeological museum. That displays many artefacts from ancient tribes and civilizations that once inhabited this region of Russia.

7) Sochi

Most Famous Places in Russia

Sochi is a resort city on the Black Sea coast. The area has always been a hotspot for tourists and it’s known for its beautiful parks and seascapes. In 2014, Sochi hosted the Winter Olympics and the city became an even bigger tourist destination.

8) Suzdal

Most Famous Places in Russia

Suzdal is a small town that is perched on the banks of the Volga River. It’s one of the most famous places in Russia. It has many different buildings and churches. Such as St. Euthymius Cathedral, where you can see paintings that date back to 1420. Plus, it also has an old fortress where you can explore and see what life was like for people during medieval times.

9) Peterhof Palace

Most Famous Places in Russia

Peterhof Palace was built to be an imitation of Versailles and it’s one of the most famous places in Russia. The palace became world-famous when its appearance was used as a model for the design of Catherine Palace. Near St. Petersburg, which was built by her grandson, Emperor Paul I. When he died in 1801, he left his wife, Maria Fyodorovna (Marie of Württemberg) with his enormous fortune. She commissioned Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli (1700-1766), who had been an architect to Empress Elizabeth. From 1744–1762 and also an architect for many years at Peterhof, to construct this third imperial residence.

10) Yekaterinburg (Most Famous Places in Russia)

Most Famous Places in Russia

Yekaterinburg, often shortened to Yekaterinburg, is a city and the administrative centre of Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia. With a population of 1,349,597 as of the 2010 Census and an area over 1.4 times that of Moscow. It’s one of the largest cities in the Urals region of Europe. The Ural Mountains are on the east side of the city and Asia is on the other side. Some famous places in Russia include Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Kazan Kremlin, Church on Blood, Dostoevsky Museum, Aquapark Tatiana Park, Potemkin Stairs, Upper Iset Pond with Mokhovaya Street and Bolshoy Iset Pond.

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