Varsity Jacket - Solid BlackMulti Gold Trim -

Varsity Jacket – Solid BlackMulti Gold Trim

$ 199.99

A varsity jacket, also known as a Letterman or baseball jacket, is a classic piece of outerwear that began from American collegiate and sports traditions. Then are the crucial features generally associated with varsity jackets



Wool Fabric(380-400gsm)

Furnishing a durable and warm external subcaste.

Cow Hide Leather(0.9/1.0mm)

Using Cowhide leather for the sleeve adds a touch of complication &

Continuity to the jacket. Cowhide is known for its durability and adaptability


Ray Quilted filling (75grm)

The innards of the jacket features ray-crocheted filling for added sequestration and a swish finish.


Varsity Snaps Button Polish Coated

High- quality snaps or buttons, likely carpeted for a polished finish and ease of use.

Ribbing Acrylic Cotton

High-quality tempera ribbing is used for the bottom, collar, and bond, icing a comfortable fit and long-lasting wear and tear.

Design & Functionality

2 Pockets Front Trimmed in Wool:

Offering functional & swish frontal pockets.

3 Inside Pockets:

Including a devoted mobile pocket for added convenience.



Build Your Jacket Online

Furnishing  guests with the  occasion to customize their jackets according to their preferences.

These features¬† inclusively¬† produce a high- quality varsity jacket with attention to both style and functionality. The customization option allows¬† guests to¬† epitomize their jackets, making them unique and¬† acclimatized to individual preferences. However, you can visit their website and use the” figure Your Jacket”¬† point to design your own jacket, If you are interested.